Baby Shower Games

Ahh, the baby shower. Time for the mom-to-be to spend time with her favorite friends and relatives and a small handful that she’s not so keen on but it would be rude not to invite them.

The theme has been chosen and time has been taken to tastefully decorate the venue, so the guests and the star of the show will be wowed. Food is on theme and looks so beautiful it is almost a shame to eat it, and the baby shower host has a slate of games organized to help guests relax, get to know each other, and above all, have fun.

The trouble is, it doesn’t always work out like that. Sure the theme, the decorations, and the food are probably beautiful, but the chances are that at least one game will make you want to curl up in a tiny ball and roll into a corner, so you won’t have to participate in something gross, tasteless, or just plain stupid.

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